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In June 2013, we received our recognition of achievement award from Unicef in our efforts to become a Rights Respecting School.  However, we have a bit of work to do if we are to reach our Level 1 Status by the end of this session.

Unicef is a global charity who aim to raise awareness of, and protect the rights of the child. In order to become a Rights Respecting School, we have constructed an action plan which we will continue to work on this session.  You can access our action plan below.

Part of becoming a Rights Respecting School is not only learning about the children’s rights but also considering and acting upon the responsibilities we have in order to protect the rights of others.

In Auchterelllon school, pupils will have opportunities to learn about the articles of the child, can learn about parts of the world where children do not have their basic rights due to poverty and other factors and will explore the work that Unicef does to protect the rights of children.

Every pupil in the school has their own pocket book of children’s rights Please feel free to take some time to talk about some of the rights with your child.

You can also find a link to our playground charter below.

We now have a RRS committee who are tasked with tracking and supporting our progress in becoming a Level 1 Rights Respecting School.  We are always looking for parents to join this committee and if you would be interested, please email the school on auchterellon.sch@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

Unicef Level 1 Action Plan 2014

Our Playground Charter