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Salmon In The Classroom – May 2016 Update

Our Alevins have gown into Fry! The tiny Alevins who hid in the gravel have emerged as free-swimming Fry and are around 2 cm long.  Having used up all the food in their yolk-sac the Fry are now feeding well on the food provided by the Ythan Trust. Whilst over 90% of Fry would not survive in the wild due to competition with one
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Week 5/6

We checked the tank to make sure there were no salmon at the top. The alevin are still under the gravel, but the eggs were moving quite far. We learned to deal with the tank.  You turn the light off, put the foil back on then put the black blanket back on. We hope we can see them swimming around the tank after the
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Week 4

This week we had a look in the tank but nothing had changed. We learned how to close the tank back up by putting the foil and covers back on and making sure the light was switched off. We got some information from the Ythan Trust about how heavy and long the biggest fish discovered in the Ythan was. It was 52 pounds!! We can’t wait
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Week 2/3

Last week two people from the Ythan Trust came and put in loads of salmon eggs into our tank. We got to hold one of the eggs and look closely at it. The eggs had black dots which were their eyes. Today we have checked on the eggs and they looked fine. We couldn’t see the alevin because they were hiding in the gravel.
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New After School Club at the Academy

New Out of School Club Kids Academy OPEN DAY Saturday 27th February 2-4pm Ellon Academy Community Campus Rooms 4 & 5 All Parents and Children welcome to come along to see some of what we will have on offer, ask any questions, give suggestions and register your place. Face painting and activities for the children and refreshments Further Information email kidsacademyellon@gmail.com Laugh, Share, Learn,
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Week 1

Auchterellon got given a bunch of newly hatched salmon (Alevin). We were given an aquarium that was filled with water from a local stream. It has to be kept really cold and dark so it is just like the bottom of the Ythan. The alevin was then put in the aquarium- we can’t see them yet because we have to let them settle in
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