Pupil Roles

Every single pupil in our school has an important to role to play but there are a few special roles you are away to find out about.

One person from each class is the pupil council representative. The Pupil Council meet weekly and are responsible for taking ideas from the class and putting them forward at a meeting. The ideas are normally about how we can try to make the school better for us. The Pupil Council then see what they can do. Sometimes they write letters or sometimes they ask the staff for help with some of their ideas.

One person from each class is the Eco Schools rep. The eco committee also meet regularly and they try to make the school a greener place. This means more environmentally friendly.

In P7 you have the chance to be a House or Vice Captain. House and Vice Captains lead their house. They meet every week to help organise things for the school and think about how people in the school could earn more house points.

Also in P7, you have the chance to be a Buddy. Buddies help everyone at break and lunch. We have a rota and sometimes you might be helping the P1s and P2s play a game in the playground, or you might be on litter duty, or you might be helping at the doors to make sure there are not too many people at the toilets at the same time.

Finally, you can also be a technologies champion. Every class has one and their job is to take lots of pictures and videos of our best work so we can share it in school and in Glow.